Be careful what you laugh at

Totally captures the way I feel

It’s only February and I already feel like this…heavy lidded and tired.

I’ve noticed that while I start each week (most of the time) feeling perky and full of energy, by the time Thursday comes (sometimes Wednesday) I’m over it. Yesterday was particularly bad – three long meetings taking up most of the day. And I don’t know what it is about low-ceilinged airless rooms that make me want to curl up and go to sleep.

No joke! Add dim lighting into the mix and I’m a gonner. This is a well-documented fact – just ask some of my former colleagues.

I’m sure that warm dark ambience is programmed into my psyche making me think I’m back in the womb – my pulse slows, a heaviness settles on my eyelids, the blink factor diminishes and I nod off. This is incredibly embarrassing – especially if it’s a small meeting. I wish I could get up and walk around, swirl my arms in the air, inhale deeply and whip up the alert gene.

I’ve taken to indulging in a long black before meetings hoping that the caffeine kicks in and keeps the adrenaline at high level. Maybe I should try mainlining it.

But it just doesn’t work. I cannot help myself.

I used to laugh at my parents…as soon as they sat down to watch the 6.00pm news on the television, they would fall asleep. Eeeks – I’m no different.

And neither is my brother. He has been known to fall asleep at the dinner table on many occasions. I confess that at times I’ve been extremely heavy-lidded but have been able (somehow) to fight it off.

Be careful what you laugh at. Life, in the long run, has a funny way of getting its own back at us!


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