Magnetic thoughts

Thoughts on the waterfront

The International Festival of the Arts brings more variety to our already vibrant city life.

This morning while striding along the waterfront I stopped to read thoughts on the Magnetic Poetry block which sits on our waterfront outside Te Papa. It’s been installed there to celebrate and support Writers and Readers Week. (The Festival officially kicks off on Friday 26 Feb and runs for about three weeks.)

There are only a few thoughts strung together at the moment – I have no doubt there’ll be a huge surge in activity once people realise the opportunity’s there.

The sad thing about this great installation is that it needs a minder – I presume for 24 hours a day. A security guard looking pretty bored really. I think I can understand that…I mean standing there for hours on end, unless you’re the sort that loves the passing parade, could get tiresome. Especially if the weather turns for the worse.

But good on you Wellington – I love it.

And I especially loved the thought I photographed:

“The moon is dropping love to her”

I wish I’d thought of it!


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