Mahler’s 8th in live broadcast

Mimetic Brotherhood by Peter Trevelyan, part Wellington's visual symphony

As I look at this photograph I have Mahler’s 8th Symphony playing in the background and the world feels full of promise. I’m in the beautifully angelic section in the symphony where the Knabenchor (children’s chorus) are singing … and I’m thinking just how well the children from the Wellington Cathedral choir performed it last night in rehearsal. The sound they made was amazing … spine chillingly glorious.

So while stunning sculptures like the one pictured above create a visual symphony (apologies to Lyn!) for Wellington, on Friday night, those who visit Civic Square will be treated to an unforgettable aural symphony. Three hundred singers, the full and fabulous New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and eight internationally acclaimed soloists. What more could you want? An organ? Well, yes, there’s that as well …

Our performance (note the possessive tense) of  Mahler’s 8th is being broadcast in the square. There was such huge interest in the performance and so few seats available, that the Festival committee (in their wisdom) have organised for broadcast in the square, on radio and also on the internet!

Don’t miss it – opportunities like this are rare!


One thought on “Mahler’s 8th in live broadcast

  1. Amelia

    The Knabenchor is also made up of about 8 students from St Marks Church School, its not wholly Wellington Cathedral Choristers.


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