Opera House springs to life with Inside Out

The Grand Old Lady of Wellington theatre

The Opera House, Wellington is a treasured venue.

Before the show last night we stood on the first floor balcony on a perfectly clear,warm and still Wellington evening watching the passing parade on the street below. I felt very privileged being there.

Like many of our older buildings the The Opera House is a beautiful old building which would benefit from  a huge injection of cash for refurbishment. Although as much as possible has been done over the years, the sloping floors in the stalls still look temporary  and creak with every step and the seats, although relatively new, are a little unkind to the not so well cushioned derrieres.

Yet its atmosphere remains as magical as it always has done, with elegant plasterwork over the ceiling and around the walls, and a stage that has withstood the load of countless stage sets and thousands of dancing feet.

Last night she sprang into life yet again…this time and Indie rock band from Sweden took stage left, and performers from Cirkus Cirkor performed their show ‘Inside Out’ in every remaining measure of space from the ceiling to the pit.

We were treated to much humour, a feast of aerobatics and acrobatics and fantastic music. It was a stunning show.

The Opera House along with the St James are the grand old ladies of Wellington theatre. I’ve been fortunate to perform in both over the years. Most recently (and by recent I mean about 13-14 years ago) in the St James I took the role of the Hag (well who else could I possibly be cast as?) in Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol panto, a show in which my daughter was also starring. I had blacked-out teeth, acres of fabric around me and somehow managed to cackle my way through my one solo.

I had a ball of course, absolutely loved it! And the mother-daughter combo made it even more special.

And the Opera House – well I’ve sung in operas there, and performed in musical theatre. They were such special times and hold even more special memories. I really do thrive in that environment – I’m much better at taking another character than being myself!

I wonder what that says,

Last night as I sat in Opera House and watched the performers going through their routines with verve, enthusiasm and such incredible skill, I really wanted to be up there with them especially on the trapeze!

Yay for dreams!!!!


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