Playing a different tune

While the birds dart from branch to branch - there is stillness at the water's edge

Being somewhere different and seeing different forms of plant life, bird life and people is so refreshing.

Each morning we’re greeted (at least those of us who are awake) by a symphony of bird song. As soon as the sun rises the chorus begins – it’s fantastic! The songs are so many and varied.

There are a couple of trees outside our gate, the flowers of which are obviously delicious. They are very popular with the local parrots. I thought I’d managed to get an really good shot of one of them sucking at the sap – however on closer inspection it wasn’t quite in focus.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Nothing like early morning purpose is there?

For the time being – until the parrots oblige – a photograph of some very still water-life will have to suffice!


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