Bird of paradise perhaps…

A bird of paradise by any other name...apologies to Shakespeare

When I took this photo a few days ago, I knew the name of this plant. Had always known it because my mum was a floral guru extraordinaire. (Gene pool skipped a beat with me in that respect!)

Three days later and I’m struggling to give it a name despite having googled ‘Australian flora’ and ‘tropical plants’.

That’s one of the worst things about growing old … I stride (with purpose of course) from one room to the other and once there, I’ve already forgotten the reason for my journey. In a matter of seconds, the raison d’etre has gone. And I’ll stand there racking my brain to try and remember. Retracing my steps sometimes helps – only sometimes mind you.

I’ll go out for a lunchtime walk with the intention of running an errand to one of the local retailers and forget what it was I went out for. I might even forget what shop it was.

I’ll go down the stairs at work, use my access card to enter the door, walk in – then stop dead trying to retrieve the reason for my visit.

This is all so disconcerting – I’ve always prided myself on having a good memory. Great eyesight and a good memory…

So I’m looking at this stunning flower – what on earth is it! Can someone help me please…..a bird of paradise springs to mind and I don’t know why? any ideas out there?

Forget the question – I just googled ‘bird of paradise’ and bingo – I’m not losing it after all.


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