Stars in our eyes

Ah, the thrill of it...

Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be…

I’ve just been to a fancy dress party.  We were asked to use the letter ‘L’ for inspiration – being the first letter of the person in whose honour the party was being held.

Before I continue I should explain that I’ve had a lifelong love of being on stage – whether in opera, musical theatre, theatre and even in choirs. I’ve always delighted in being ‘in character’ and no rehearsal has ever been too long or too arduous. Get the picture?  I’m in my element on stage.

But in recent years I’ve never really been that keen on fancy dress (odd for someone who’s always loved dressing in character). 1. because the of effort required and 2. because when I go out I like having the opportunity look a teensy bit glam.

I’d been to a party not so long ago where we were instructed to dress in our favourite rock era. I found it challenging, but when discussing the dilemna with my hairdresser (the things we talk about!) he offered to do a rock coiff for me on the day.

Then while my foils were maturing (girls will understand),  I flicked through some magazines for inspiration and found I had all the right garments hanging in my wardrobe. Just a matter of putting them together in a more creative way and ‘Hey presto’ – rock chick!

That recent experience, when I quite liked being someone else for the evening, spurred me on to putting more effort into finding a solution for the letter ‘L’.

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it. In dressing up as a character (or a thing) we look for familiar things and manipulate them to create a copy who we want to be. The ‘out of self’ experience somehow gives us more freedom to step away from the boring person we are from day to day.

First, I made an investment, a long platinum blonde wig. Then I went to my wardrobe for inspiration.

I found a  short black and silver lurex backless dress that I’d made many years ago (I have no idea what for, or why on earth it was so short), black tuxedo jacket, very very tarty black pantihose, high heels,  and big dark glasses. The look was complete – Lady Gaga – with careful application of her trademark lips.

I really enjoyed the license my new persona gave me – although I did draw the line at some of the possibilities. It’s no wonder the Queen requested an audience. I loved being a little bit anonymous and got a real buzz from being unrecognised (for a time) – it made me wonder why we don’t take a step outside self more often.


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