Out and about on the streets of Wellington

Superb detail on this jacket with an accompanying combination of texture and patterns.

The past few weeks have seen me consumed by a photographic project – one that has taken me right out of my comfort zone while giving me a lot of pleasure.

I’m a devoted fan of  The Sartorialist – a blog focusing on people and fashion on the streets of New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo – wherever the travels of Scott Schumann take him. It’s a wonderfully refreshing site. There is no need for text, the photographs say it all  with succinct headings setting the scene.

He photographs anyone that captures his attention – his head turned by their personal style.

Scott uploads images to his site every day; every morning I start with a dose of life through his eyes.  It’s hot and sunny in New York today. How do I know? Well a stunning girl in Soho is wearing a shoestring strap top and a floaty summer skirt. She looks happy, warm and totally gorgeous.

We are encouraged to look for detail – fine details in a photograph lift them out of the ordinary.

Looking for a project to focus on in another course in portrait photography with Fleur Wickes, I decided that emulating the great Scott Schumann in the streets of Wellington would be perfect. The style needed works well with my love of faces and fashion…and of course, I love Wellington.

I must admit to feeling ever so dorky as I head out along Lambton Quay of a lunchtime with my camera slung around my neck. I’ve discovered that I really do need to take photos with my glasses on – if I want to see what I’ve captured on the LCD screen – and that if I go up to a stranger and tell them I think they look cool, they’re genuinely pleased!

Followed closely by “Can I take your picture please,” they’re quite happy to oblige.

I never thought I could do that!

Although there are definitely interesting styles along Lambton Quay, there is a predominance of the corporate look – black.  The quirkier and more outrageous styles of dressing are in the Cuba Street, Courtney Place area. On Cuba St the other day, I damn well nearly ran after a fellow I wanted to photograph. (I was walking very quickly with my camera bouncing at each step and working up quite a sweat.) I think he must have thought me a cougar on the prowl as he disappeared down an alleyway.

Can’t blame a fellow for thinking that can we? It is that little bit harder to approach men!

My project is progressing well. Thank you Scott for your inspiration…Wellington has an abundance of great people, attitudes and styles to photograph.


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