Let us find our own way home

Just look at the beautiful leather and the detail

Fleur Wickes gave her photography students (including me) a challenge recently – let us find our own way home.

What does this mean? … with an emphasis on the ‘does’. When the six of us took up the challenge, I took it to mean – to find my way of expressing me – through photography. I searched and searched my soul for the deep and meaningful. Nope, nothing there!

You see, I love the detail. I love the ‘added extras’ as they were called when I was working in retail. In that context it meant what else you encourage the hapless customer into buying, but in my context, I mean the little extras that go into building the whole picture. I don’t look inside myself – I look outside at what’s in front of me. Granted, I don’t always see it – but the past six weeks has taught me to look just that little bit closer.

Like the shoes one of my subjects was wearing.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love a pair of the  shoes pictured above. I don’t care if they’re men’s shoes – I think they’re awesome and they look so so comfortable. I can feel the softness of the leather just by looking at them.

So getting back to trying to find my own way home. For me this has meant acknowledging that I love fashion and I do notice the care people take in dressing themselves. I don’t judge – it really doesn’t matter to me how people in general dress. I don’t think any the less of them. I just happen to notice and appreciate that little things people do to complement the whole look – whether it’s a stunning necklace or brooch, a dash of bright lipstick or as with my gentleman above, a beautiful pair of shoes.

And as I’ve stalked (camera at the ready) Wellington’s streets in the past weeks, I’ve come to appreciate more the different styles around. From the girl with the very holey (looking torn actually) tights who’d taken enormous care in putting her look together, to the male model elegantly posed  against the Country Road window with a cigarette dangling at just the right angle from his right hand. I’m looking much much closer…there are so many photographs waiting to be taken.

We are exhibiting our work in a fortnight’s time – I hope that my way home is clear.


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