A funny thing happened on the way to work

Kermit shoes

A funny thing happened on my way to work today.

After having an early morning coffee at Nikau Gallery Cafe. Nikau is always the venue of choice on ‘rates’ day because it’s close to the City Council offices…and a good way of making sure the bill gets paid!

I decided to walk through the BNZ Centre on my way to work. It’s always incredibly empty before 8.30am – very few of the shops are open.

I’ve been a customer of Hurry Up Shoe Repairs for years. They used to have a shop on Victoria St and moved to BNZ Centre several years ago. It could well be one of Wellington’s longest running small businesses – having been in business now for about 70 years.

As I walked past the corner window I saw a pair of lime green suede shoes hanging there and thought to myself “Oh my gosh, somebody else has my kermit shoes and they’re already in for repair – they were so expensive. Soles are looking a bit worn too!”

Then as a rounded the corner I sudden remembered that several weeks ago the heel piece had been wrenched off on Lambton Quay’s brick paving. And as is my habit, I took them in to my friendly shoe repairer the very next day. And there they had hung since…hanging in the front window…forgotten.

My excuse is of course that wearing suede shoes would not be a great decision with all the torrential rain we’ve had recently. Out of sight, out of mind.

After relating this story to colleagues I was told that one of our team had taken a bus home in the pouring rain last Friday evening and upon reaching his destination, remembered that he’d taken his car in to work in the morning.

And later on in the day, I did go and rescue my shoes from the front window. I’m not so bad after all!!!


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