If it’s winter it must be tamarillo time

The good side to winter - tamarillos-in-waiting!

Apart from snow, winter woollies, hot water bottles and glowing fires – there’s not a lot else to recommend  winter. Except for tamarillos that is….

Wonderfully dark and glossy bulbous treats…smooth to the touch and tart to the bite.

Years ago – pre-diabetes that is – I used to cut them in half, dipping the flesh in sugar before scooping the flesh straight into my mouth. Gritty sweetness – delicious ….

Then as the guilt about eating sugar crystals became too great, I’d just spoon out the flesh and mix it with plain acidopholus yoghurt. More delicious….

Then after reading a Ruth Pretty recipe in the Dominion Post several years aog, I decided to try poaching tamarillos. Amazing … for the first 24 hours after poaching the fruits retain their golden colour and the syrup is slightly pink. After a couple of days the golden globes take on the beautiful deep red of the seeds as does the syrup. Served with yoghurt and cereal for breakfast or ice-cream (or yoghurt) for dinner – they are simply stunning.

They are so gorgeous that there’s even a design shop named in their honour – Tamarillo Gallery

When is someone going to open a Feijoa Gallery? Has to happen soon…


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