The mystery of the woman in white

From whence cometh this woman in white?

The woman in white – sleek and elegant.

I photographed her on the streets of Dunedin while on my way to my son Adam’s graduation ceremony. She was doing the same. I’d noticed her about half an hour earlier and thought at the time that she’d be an excellent model for my project on head-turning street fashion. But before I’d summoned the courage to ask her to pose, she’d gone.

Then I chanced upon her again – with several other elegantly dressed people – and raced over to seize the opportunity. I brought out my photographer’s patter and a huge smile:

“You look absolutely stunning. Would you mind me taking a photo of you for a project I’m doing?”

There was no hesitation – and I took several shots. Then she rejoined her friends and disappeared among the throng of students, academics, parents and friends.

At my catch up session with Fleur I brought out the print I’d had made of the woman and showed her. At the time, I didn’t really like it – because I have to admit, I didn’t like what she stood for. Fleur saw differently…and encouraged me to take it along to class on the following Saturday.

My fellow photographers has an almost instant aversion to it. I withdrew it from my shortlist.

However overnight the image of the woman in white wouldn’t leave me. She I kept wondering whether I’d discounted her too soon and that maybe Fleur was right. My friend Marica called and told me that although she hadn’t immediately taken to the photo, it kept bothering her. Maybe I should reinstate it into my selection of favourites.

You see, she is immaculately groomed and she’s standing in very stark surroundings with the only other feature being the bright blue money machine. What could that possibly stand for?

So there she is. The woman in white is hanging (in full) in our exhibition. Everything is perfectly coordinated from head to toe – beautifully tailored in glamourous winter white. We look at her and wonder at her origin.Certainly NOT Wellington where black is de rigeur.

Our immediate thought was Remuera, and we  jokingly referring to her as the ‘Remuera socialite’. I decided that her look was far too conservative for the fashionistas in Remmers and that she is more likely to hail from Christchurch. Women from Christchurch are far more likely to dress this impeccably for a graduation ceremony. You just never know who might see you!

Today there’s been another revelation – the plot thickens. We may have a lead…

Another of my friends thinks my model might actually live in Dunedin. She has a friend from there staying with her at present and told her about the photo. Instant recognition! My woman in white could be one of a trio of women noted for their uncompromising glamour – who shop in the upmarket Plume and regularly step out in absolute style.

I’ve sent my photo off for confirmation.


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