Glass half full

Full and delicious!

I’m about to embark on a short overseas adventure…short?  See that’s the thing…the weeks in preparation for my three week journey have told me something about myself.

Something I’m ashamed to admit.

I think that somewhere along the line I’ve developed a lean toward the ‘glass half-empty’ person. I’d prefer to be going in the other direction.

The thing is, whenever anyone has asked me how my plans are going, or whether I’m getting excited, my answer has been on the negative tack. Worried about getting lost, worried about losing things, worried about my undisputed gullibility, worried about how tired I’m going to feel – feeling how tired I’m going to feel.

How on earth did I get like this? My god – this is an amazing opportunity.

Three weeks is not short – three weeks is 21 days filled with fun and adventure, 21 days of great European food, 21 days with my treasured daughter, 21 days of sunshine (optimism here) and warmth – a very special capsule of time. So what if I get tired – I can always sleep. Plenty of time for nodding off when I’m sitting all day long in a pink dacron armchair (smelling of stale urine) in an old people’s home…(oops half-empty again!).

There’s a lesson here.

Here I come with my glass full to the brink! Bursting with energy and enthusiasm I’m taking the stride out to the world…bring it on.

So many pictures to take (thank you Fleur Wickes and Scott Schumann!) and so many stories to tell.


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