Why French women don’t get fat

Subliminal messaging?

There’s been much talk – among us women – regarding the popular book ‘Why French women don’t get fat.’ From my few days spent in Paris recently, here are my observations.

1.  The French are pre-occupied with weight!

Our hotel room was tiny and basic. Barely enough room to swing the proverbial cat, and about 6 inches between the side of the bed and the bathroom. the bathroom was small but perfectly adequate…no frills – except for, you guessed it, bathroom scales!

No other hotel room on our travels (all far more luxurious than this fairly expensive one) boasted bathroom scales. And what self-respecting traveller needs to be reminded of excess baggage. One of the great joys of travelling is found in food, the best souvenirs are eaten…surely denying ourselves could be injurious to the french gastronomic economy.

2.  French women when taking breakfast do so slowly – one croissant and one cafe au lait – can last for hours. They nibble … morsel by morsel. If we ate at their rate, nothing would get done!

3.  Then everywhere they walk in the city French women are observed. All seating outside street side cafes faces the pavement and road. The street is like an ever-changing theatre, where people going about their daily business are the ‘actors’ on stage as they parade past (tottering on the cobblestones) with their well-trained dogs. One must be dressed appropriately for the parade….

She'd just been to the bakery - a croissant for dinner perhaps?

And finally 4.  They are just too busy walking their dogs, answering their texts and doing the family shopping – they forget to eat.

But I do have to agree, the French we saw women – of all ages – were extremely well-groomed and very trim. Of course (miaow miaow) – this did equate to a lot of lines on the older faces!


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