Locked in love

Locks? Longer lasting than bras

In New Zealand we have bras and knickers (not together) dangling from roadside fences and footwear hanging perilously from power lines – on the Cinque Terre walk (a drop-dead-gorgeous coastal hike), between Manarola and Riomaggiore, young couples seal their love by attaching a lock on any bit of fencing over about a 500m stretch. Some portions of the fence are thick with locks, others have plenty of breathing space between each.

Many are labelled with the names of the lovers … the belief goes that attaching your lock to fence will guarantee you enduring love. Your love is sealed.

You have to be organised to do this. You have to go prepared and with intent. Most locks are, I suspect, from locals – others are undoubtedly from young tourists familiar with the belief.

There were thousands of them, some hanging in such dense bundles that you would have needed very strong fingers to negotiate a space for the D ring. And some looked incredibly old – been hanging there for years, maybe even centuries!

I’m waiting for this to catch on in New Zealand. Where could we do it?  It can’t be somewhere that’s too easy to get to…got to make some sort of effort. Somewhere along the Hump Ridge Track could be good – that would  show dedication for sure. And undying love. There could even be a charge for attaching your lock to a rope slung between trees…think money-making venture.

Tourists would love it…

Better start writing a business plan.

Keep 'em dangling!


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