A special brand of humour

Captive humour

Humour comes in many guises.

We’d taken directions to the main square from a local and found that instead of exiting the narrow alleyway into the square, we ended up back where we’d started.

Coming into the daylight, a local pounced on me from behind, cackling as he did so and saying:

“Didn’t you know us Czechs have a sense of humour!”

(Anyone knowing me well, knows how easy it is to give me a fright. My kids do it all the time – walking up behind me in the kitchen gives me a huge fright – its as simple as that.)

So my fright, while feeling confused in a foreign land, was genuine…my laugh came pretty quickly. He got me!

Yes, of course the Czechs have a sense of humour. That’ll explain the multitude of shops selling puppets. Not only the traditional witches, hags and goblins, but also characters more familiar to modern audiences – Marilyn Munro, President Kennedy, James Bond, Elvis Presley and of course Michael Jackson.

The photo above was taken outside a small Marionette shop in the shadow of the famous Charles Bridge. It had beautiful bright olive green doors with puppets on display outside. Inside looked like an enchanted cavern. We decided not to stop on the first day as we were on a mission to get to the old town – it was on our return route so plenty of opportunity to spend time lingering later.

That’s where we were wrong.

Returning the next morning (I wanted some really good photographs) because the displays in this shop were by far the best we’d seen, we found a note on the door:

Closed due to technical difficulty!

Yet again, the joke was on me.

Made in my own image!


Do not put off today, what you think you can do tomorrow!


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