Socks or not? The shoes are off …

First there were 'sneans', now there are 'sockles'

Brits wear hankies on their heads, Kiwis and Aussis wear thongs, and northern European men wear socks with sandals.

Now why is that?

We can forgive the Brits – its a ‘boys own’ sort of thing, very masculine – and they don’t have to worry about a harsh southern hemisphere sun; Kiwis and Aussis can’t be bothered doing up laces or buckles – we’ll forgive them too – it’s a macho thing. Sorry Pole, Czech, German and Dutch friends – I can’t think of any excuse for you lot.

In 35 degree heat, when your feet need as little covering them as possible … why on earth do you need socks? I just don’t get it. Give those feet some air!

The beauty about wearing sandals (from a mother’s perspective of course) is having no socks to wash – no searching fruitlessly through the washing basket trying to find a matching pair. I’m sure all the missing socks will be waiting for me in heaven.

No holes to darn either – as if I would!

No self-respecting kiwi wears socks with sandals. It’s just not done – and if it is, the hapless wearer is subjected to second glances, titters and jeers. Must be tourists!

Saves us from seeing ugly toenails maybe...

Now, this photo, with apologies for it not being as sharp as it should. I took it at Warsaw airport using my small pocket camera with the zoom zoomed as far as it would go. I just had to get a picture – surreptitiously.

If we want to be picky, after all we’re talking fashion here … grey and beige together? Mixing hiking-style sandals with business socks? (If anything sport socks would be more appropriate.) And then the turned-over top edge?

I think The Sartorialist would agree this fashion statement has no legs…it’s not going to be big on the runways.

At least I hope not!


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