Plain english?

Does this pass the proofreading test?

It’s a real burden being a Virgo. All my life I’ve been plagued with the eye for detail when it comes to writing. Errors seem to jump out at me.

The above text in the entrance to Prague’s Torture Museum didn’t pass unnoticed. Typed (badly) onto a page of A4 paper, poorly encased in plastic, then hung on an angle (us Virgos like things straight!), it was a sitting duck for my attention.

[Yes, I know the photo is on an angle and it really bugs me…I tried to crop it straight but it just didn’t work. So there you are, I’m ignoring the irritation – and it’s not easy.]

I spend my working life advocating for plain english. The above example would not pass the test and I  wonder how accurate the italian version above it is.

Forgive me for thinking that more care could have been taken in a museum, and in a city so popular with tourists.

I actually think it’s really funny. I’m not offended and I do applaud people for trying. I just love the line:

“If your city is competent to treat one of our expositions, doens’t matter if Temporary or permanently, don’t hesitate to communicate it to us…”

I see confusion in the follow-up!

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