Civic branding

Shame about the butt

Maybe someone should mount an exhibition of man-hole covers! .

No need to guess where this one hails from … you got it, Prague! Isn’t it a beauty?

We’ve got a few arty ones in Wellington too – swirling patterns capturing the characteristic curves in Maori art. Curves which represent the sea surrounding our island nation, and the connections between people and lands.

The man-hole/or drain cover pictured above shows the Prague castle which has a commanding view over the city. It’s a magnificent castle, breathtakingly beautiful with a rich history. You can see how the detail on the cover matches that of the roof of the Cathedral within the castle walls.

Painstaking detail

Fine detail was everywhere. From the cobbled streets to the street lamps and up to the parapets. The manpower needed to have undertaken this work, and the time taken, is unimaginable.

This is only a small sample...

Nowadays, we expect our buildings to be built within short timeframes …. the results show it.

But getting back to the elegant man-hole cover. In my line of work we talk about branding on a daily basis, as if it’s a new concept. It’s not is it?


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