Dancin’ in the street

Don't try this at home!

Today, while the rest of New Zealand was buffeted by gale force winds, rain, snow and hail, Wellingtonians basked in the fourth day of clear skies and sunshine.

While out at lunchtime  I came upon this scene.

I’m not sure what this group of people (South Americans – Peruvians, I think) were celebrating – whatever it was they were certainly doing it in style. Pairs of men would enter the circle of friends throwing themselves through the air accompanied by the beating of  tambourines and a woman singing. It was cool – very acrobatic, very skillful.

Recently there was an article in the Dominion Post about a man arrested for assaulting his wife/partner in public. They had been on their lawn engaged in what looked like a fight. Their defence, when it went before the courts, stated that they had been performing a cultural dance. I’m not sure what the outcome was, but I think the courts were unconvinced!

It struck me that part of what I observed and photographed could have been misinterpreted as aggressive. It wasn’t the case at all of course…but one of my photos does look as if the men could be fighting. A moment in time…

On a day when my spirits needed a lift – this little bit of street theatre really helped. The dancers (if that’s what they were) were amazing and I loved their performance.

I’m really looking forward to the next couple of weeks when Wellington streets come to life with the fabulously creative people involved in the World of Wearable Arts – WOW!!!!


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