Fundraising at home of Wellington’s OSCAR

Oscar and friends!

Last night we were extremely privileged in being able to host our Orpheus Choir fundraiser (for our upcoming performance of Handel’s Messiah) in the Park Road Post Production facility in Miramar, Wellington. We had 168 guests to our event all who had come along to support our fundraising efforts and in doing so were treated to plenty of food, drink and five excellent three-minute movies which had recently been fine-tuned at Park Road Post.

The facility, located in a semi-industrial part of the suburb, is stunning. From the highly-polished parquet floors, the very inviting leather sofas, to the immaculately landscaped  courtyard, it is magnificent. It is not over-the-top! It is comfortable, stylish and, in the words of my german friend, gemutlich. (I need an umlaut over the ‘u’ by the way, but I can’t find one!).

We were welcomed with a warmth I hadn’t anticipated, particularly by Phill (the hospitality manager I think). He willingly joined in the frenzy of kitchen activity, hosing down the platters and stacking the dish washer trays. All with a genuine smile and enthusiasm.

The films were shown in the Park Road Post theatre – a luxurious 150-seat venue. The walls were lined on each side by three mega-sized statues set above us and lit in shades of purples,blues and golds – Egyptian meets Hollywood. Twinkly lights covered the entire ceiling. I was told that each tiny light had been individually placed. Gold and aqua lighting on the ruched stage curtain lent them a rich warm glow. The velvet-like red colored armchairs had a little rocking motion (we think) built into them. It is indeed a very special place and one of our unique selling-points for tickets to the event!

The movies our guests were treated two were the results of an international competition run by Tourism New Zealand. Entrants were asked to submit the script for a three-minute movie on the theme of 100% Pure. What did it mean to them? Of the 1,038 entries four winners were selected by the judges (Peter Jackson being one of them), and a further one was selected by popular vote. The successful screen writers/directors were then brought to Queenstown, New Zealand for three weeks, where they were given a measure of support to make their movie.

Each movie was then allocated a week of post-production at the Park Road studios.

The results were stunning – clever, witty, and thoroughly engaging.

The shorts were made to target international audiences and we were told that they’ve been very very successful in doing just that. It seems such a shame though, that they haven’t had more promotion here.

I just had to take a picture of Park Road Post’s trophy cabinet – it’s not often (if ever) you get to see an OSCAR at close range.

Here are the links to the movies we saw – they’re definitely worth indulging in!

Blank Spaces
Sweet As
Mr Frosty & the BMX Kid
Working Day
Something Special


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