Living with diabetes – the diagnosis

Early morning striding out

I am not your textbook diabetic – I do not fit the profile. I am not overweight. I do not smoke or drink. I am european. I eat a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables and am not addicted to processed food. I am reasonably fit. I’m not perfect either – I  love baking and I love sweet things – cakes, ice-cream, and chocolate, but I’ve never indulged in excessive consumption. I do know when to say ‘no’.

So when in 1997 I went to my doctor for some help with a female problem, I was not expecting him to say, “I think we should check your blood sugars!”

Sure enough, a few days later,  the test results confirmed his suspicions and I started my journey of living with diabetes.

Apparently the problem I was experiencing (thrush ie. urinary tract infection to be brutally honest) at the time is symptomatic … too much sugar in the blood stream.

I looked upon the diagnosis as more of an inconvenience than anything. I knew it was going to feature sometime in my future but had hoped that with the dietary discipline I’d exercised and my commitment to fitness, I might have been able to stave it off for longer.

So the journey began. Daily medication (once the type and dose had been worked out) and daily monitoring of blood sugar levels. And even more rigor in my diet and exercise regime. I did wonder at the time, what more can I do?

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