It’s all in the seasoning

Fresh out of the oven ...

Hard to beat a good cheese scone.

Over recent months I’ve become a Masterchef addict. First the New Zealand version, then the Australian and now the British. While I’m caught up in the competition and the entertainment value, I’m also learning.

For example, I never knew that in making the perfect fish fingers, you need to slice the fillet lengthways – across the grain rather than with it.

I never knew there was such a thing as black garlic, nor did I realise just how many people aspire to a career in cooking.

Having been solely responsible for feeding my family for nearly thirty years there are times when I’ve longed for someone else to take over – or at least share – the decision-making and culinary mantle. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it … I just get fed up with it. I’d love to arrive home to the promise of a meal cooked by someone else … that is my ultimate treat. I envy friends whose partners enjoy cooking and share the responsibility.

Thanks to Masterchef I find myself more interested in experimentation. Recently it was scheduled at the same time as  I was preparing the evening meal and provided the much needed motivation after a day at work. I don’t lay claim to having the presentation skills required … but I am definitely taking note.

One of the most common comments by the many Masterchef judges is:

“Where’s the seasoning? It looks beautiful, but there’s not enough seasoning.”

For years I’ve loved the cheese scones from one of our local cafes and have tried hard to emulate them. I’ve finally got it! And guess what, it’s all in the seasoning!


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