Waiting for inspiration

Visual cue

I was listening to an interview on BBC Four radio recently – a programme called ‘Desert Island discs’ in which well-known people are asked to choose six discs that they would like to listen to if ever marooned on a desert island. In between listening to their selected tracks, they talk about their lives.

The choice of subjects is broad and all the interviews to date have been fascinating.

One was with author Robert Harris. I can’t claim to having read any of his books but I certainly know of them. Enigma and Fatherland to name only two. He was asked if he found the process of writing difficult and if he had any rituals. His answer was that he always listens to baroque music when writing. He finds that this style of music stirs his creative juices.

So this morning I sat down at my keyboard, Bach playing the background – and waited. Nothing …

There is a theory that playing classical music to babies – especially while in the womb – is supposed to help in the development of their brain. Good for record companies as well … “Mozart for the Mind”, “Bach for the Bath” etc … you get the picture. I used to sing “La Donna e mobile” to my eldest son in his cot – needless to say it hasn’t led on to a career in opera. In fact I’m not even aware that he recognises it!

And then there’s the link between music and mathematics – being good at music means you have a higher probability of being good at maths!!! This does not apply to me.

I’m still waiting … enjoying the ambience while I do so.


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