If I had a time machine …

No track suit pants for these women ...

I’d push the button and go to Paris in the early 1900’s – the time when Coco Chanel was emancipating women from corsets and it was all happening. Eccentricity was accepted and affairs were ‘de rigueur’ for both sexes.

Those who chose to follow Coco had class.

I would love to dress every day in gorgeous dresses, a big string of pearls, a little cloche and a svelte overcoat. I’d pick up my darling little handbag containing lipstick and and cigarette holder and head out to a very elegant hotel – perhaps the Ritz – for a spot of champagne and dancing. Maybe meet my lover … a sultry and smolderingly handsome writer or musician of independent means.

Passionate love-making.

My husband would be caring but tolerant of my errant ways. After all – actresses and opera singers and allowed artistic indiscretions – they inform our art!

When at home I would entertain guests by singing risque songs accompanied on the piano by someone else. My purpose would to look beautiful, conduct witty conversations, entertain my guests and have fun.

My hair would always be elegantly coiffed, I’d have perfectly shaped dark eyebrows and luscious lips – a plaything really.

I’d be very very naughty.


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