Living with diabetes – cranking up the metabolism

Striding out ...

I’m not a doctor,  a health professional, or a fitness expert. I speak from my own experience about what works for me … that’s all.

I’m just your normal average Jo aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle wanting to enjoy quality time with my grandchildren (whenever that might be) and not wanting to be a drain on the health system. Being fit and taking control of what I can control, is my way of dealing with diabetes.

My doctor told me, when confirming his diagnosis years ago, that I should exercise every day. It should be my top priority in whatever form I chose. He also said that it should be exercise that increases the heart rate ie. makes me puff or makes me sweat! I was already walking our dog Toby in the early mornings – but that was more for him than for me.

From that very day I started walking with a vengeance (I always listen to professional advice) cranking up the pace to help kick start my metabolism. It wasn’t too difficult. Samoyeds (Toby was a sammie) are bred for pulling sledges … he liked nothing better than to pull me round the streets at great pace and get my little legs going ninety to the dozen. If a scent lured him off track I’d end up on my rear end in the bushes! Not a good look …

“Who’s taking who for a walk, love?”, was a common comment.

Anyway, with my metabolism cranked into motion running smoothly like a jet engine, I’m ready for whatever the day flings at me especially breakfast.

My early morning regime has become ingrained even though I no longer have my walking buddy. Now I just have my iPod for company to listen to podcasts or music. It helps relieve the boredom!

Walking on my own can be really tedious, so I alternate with swimming and more recently golf. Swimming is really boring too – up and down the lane with no-one to talk to. Not stimulating at all. I have to keep reminding myself of the big picture. Walking with friends or playing golf is much more enjoyable … and it doesn’t even feel like exercise.

I do not have a fast metabolism and cannot eat anything and everything. There are people who can do that – I’m so envious of them. You’ve no doubt heard them proclaim as they scoff on a sausage roll, “Oh, I can eat anything. It doesn’t make one bit of difference!”

Well, it does to me!

You shouldn’t forget the benefits of incidental exercise either. Incidental exercise is the exercise you do when you’re not exercising. You know, using the stairs rather than the lift; walking to the dairy to get milk rather than taking the car; going for a walk around the block during the morning tea break instead of sitting; being less sedentary and more active.

Every little bit helps keep the metabolism cranked up and working efficiently.


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