If you’re really in trouble, trust your mother

Mum - she'll always see you safe

I was listening to a podcast from Desert Island Discs this morning, an interview with First Minister for Scotland (whatever that is) Alex Salmond. My first reaction when I heard who the interview was with was to change to another topic. However, I didn’t because not one interview from this program has disappointed me. So far, they’ve all been extremely interesting and entertaining.

As soon as I heard that he’d been a very successful boy soprano in his early years, I was hooked. So successful that he was coached by a well respected singing tutor and sang in front of huge audiences. He credits his early experiences for his success in politics.

He said how his mother was the most important person in his universe – as in every boy’s universe. He even said that he’d considered his mother immortal.

Then he recounted the story of when he was standing for election some years ago. A journalist asked him if it was true that his mother supported the Conservative party rather than his. Alex’s response was that he’d need to discuss that with his mother. He told his mother the story, also telling her that he was in dire need of good publicity to support his campaign.

When the journalist duly rang his mother to see if it was true, she said that she she had been a supporter in the past but because she was now disappointed with John Major’s leadership, she had changed her allegiance to that of her husband and her son. Alex got the much needed publicity, and according to his father, his mother hadn’t had so much fun in years.

His lesson from this:

If you’re really in trouble, trust your mother.

Hear, hear. I don’t know of any mother – in my experience – who’d ignore her child in need. We’re hard-wired for nurturing, supporting, loving, and encouraging our children at whatever cost. Great when it can be fun as well!


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