My pet hate … like, you know what I mean …

Better to use hands than empty words ...

Once upon a time, we used to pad out our sentences with ‘um’ and ‘ah’. Whenever there was a gap between our thoughts and our words, we’d rush in with a stock standard filler. Times have changed.

Nowadays one word has taken over in popularity and rather than be pleased that a word with meaning has taken the place of ‘um’ and ‘ah’, I’m irritated. Not because of the word itself, but because of the way it seems to be liberally interspersed in every sentence – particularly with the young.

Please understand, I don’t have a problem when it’s used correctly. It’s the needless repetition that gets to me.

Like …

“Like, you know he called me on the phone and like he said we should go out, like you know, and he, like, well he said he’d be happy to pick me up. Like wow! Can you believe it? It’s like awesome. I’m like so blown away”

I can’t stand it – especially when sitting within earshot of teenagers on the bus.

It makes me want to stand up and shout, “Stop! You’re like doing my head in.”

Maybe it’s because I’m a Virgo …


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