The sound of my laugh

Laugh for a zlote or two ...

Describing the sound of my laugh is an interesting question, as would be the sound of my voice whether talking or, scarier still, singing.

I smile a lot and have the wrinkles to prove it. What’s there to be ashamed of? I smile even when I don’t want to smile – it comes so naturally. Facial muscles go into auto-pilot and there it is, the smile – eyes, mouth, lips, cheeks, the lot – just like my Dad.

A smile has no sound even though you can hear it in the voice.

A laugh is different, loud (or not so loud) and spontaneous. It can fill a room, it can fill a heart. Along with a baby’s first cry, laughter is the best sound in the world.

Mine is not a giggle, or a cackle, not a guffaw or a snort – well maybe sometimes. I have a deep chuckle – I’ve been told it’s warm, inviting and infectious. It’s not high-pitched and can’t be heard above all else in a crowded room. It comes from my core and it’s genuine, very genuine.

I love laughing – anytime, anywhere.

Laughing with (not at) other people is the best feeling on earth. My last boss said that if she didn’t laugh at least 14 times a day, it wasn’t worth getting out of bed. I loved her when she said that …


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