Suggestion for 2011 from Wellington’s Mayor

Wellington, our beautiful city ... deserving the very best!

A few weeks ago, our local newspapers and radio reported on an email sent to City councillors from our new Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown.

In the email she suggested that councillors learn a new hobby or skill this year to help activate areas of the brain lying dormant (my words!). Learning ballroom dancing or a new language were touted as examples.

Talkback radio dined out on this suggestion and received lots of calls from listeners horrified that the new Mayor could possibly suggest such a thing. Doesn’t she realise how overworked the councillors already are?

I actually think she’s got a point, even though her timing was a little off – being new and all – and there may have been better ways of floating the suggestion. (We all know that emails are open to misinterpretation.)

You see, I’ve been actively engaged in learning (developing) a new skill, as well as building on existing ones. And I do agree, particularly in the first instance, you need a whole new level of concentration and commitment. You have to be open to listening to others who already have the knowledge, soak up everything you can and then see what works for you. You also need to give it time and be kind to yourself when progress is slow.

I’m really enjoying the challenge of being a novice and feel a real buzz when I nail a shot.

I’m learning golf – perhaps next year I’ll try ballroom dancing.


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