On friendship: from Keith Richard’s in ‘Life’

Magnolias - nothing to do with friendship but just as beautiful!

I recently finished reading Keith Richards’ (of Rolling Stones fame) biography, ‘Life’.

A seriously good book full of insights into the life of a rocker. I particularly loved these words:

“I usually make an instant connection with my long-term, solid friends; I can spot them straightaway – some sense that we’re going to trust each other. It’s a binding contract. Roy is one of them, from that first night. Once I’ve made a connection, to me it’s the biggest sin to let a friend down. Because that means you don’t understand the whole meaning of friendship, comradeship, which is the most important thing…

“I’d be nowhere without my mates…True friends. Hardest thing to find, but you never look for them – they find you; you just grow into each other…”


One thought on “On friendship: from Keith Richard’s in ‘Life’

  1. Marica

    I know what he means about that instant connection which allows you to just pick up wherever you left off. True friends are actually a rare treasure. xoM


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