If I could have any job …

Ashkenazy and I? We'd be tight ...

What would it be?

The answer is simple – it would be as a singer, a highly successful singer specialising in opera, a diva. My talents would be sought after the world over.

My calendar would be booked (holidays included) five years in advance, I’d be able to pick and choose the most glorious roles, sing with the world’s greatest conductors and orchestras, would give television and radio interviews, and motivational talks and masterclasses to aspiring students. Above all I’d be a thoroughly nice person – no-one would have a bitchy word to say about me.

Although I’d wear the most sumptuous gowns onstage, I’d be known for my low-key wardrobe offstage. Understated yet elegant.

And you know, I wouldn’t always charge the earth. At times I’d give freely …

Choirs, for example, have difficulty in making ends meet – choirs like the one I’m in, Wellington’s  Orpheus Choir – so I’d  make it possible for them to engage me! I would never forget my roots or those who helped me.

Forget high and lofty academic, political or business ideals.

Singing for the rest of my life would be my dream job!


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