Nitro Circus – the fearless and determined

Don't try this at home...

“Only a fearless and determined heart will get the gold medal.” (Isabel Allende, 2008)

Knowing that Nitro Circus was a sell-out, and wondering why,  I went along to Wellington’s Westpac Stadium last night to see what it was all about. I came away thankful that my boys had never taken up the sport. Death defying stunts on airborne motorbikes is not for the faint-hearted.

I watched as they twisted, somersaulted and leapt over the divide – singly, in pairs and even in threes! Call me squeamish if you will but I couldn’t help but  feel sick to the pit of my stomach when any of them took a tumble.

I don’t understand the level of fearlessness that drives these young men AND women. They must take so many falls when perfecting each trick – it’s a wonder they’ve survived. So why would you want to put yourself through it.

Thank you Isabel Allende!

We were shown a video clip of one of the cyclists who’d had a near fatal accident during an event in the States. The film showed him lying inert after a fall from his bike (after attempting a double-somersault). He was feared dead. A few seconds later he was shown lying in a hospital bed, his body severely burned, bruised and broken. This father’s thoughts during that time? When he would be able to get back on his bike and do it again…the same trick…

He was there last night, as was his wife. So the build up to the stunt had us all on the edge of our seats – praying that he’d complete it successfully.

He did – to rapturous applause of course.

Tricks were not confined to motorbikes. Bicycles, skateboards, skis, shopping trolleys and boogie boards were also used. Perhaps one of the most daring acts was that performed by a wheelchair-bound man. While he was stationed at the top of the ramp, we were shown film clips of his learning process ie. all the failed attempts and we heard his mother interviewed. Of course she wasn’t happy that her precious son had chosen this extreme sport.

We watched in horror as he then plummeted down the slope in his wheelchair, traversed the divide completing one full somersault before landing successfully on both wheels. The relief was audible.

He’s nuts – but you’ve got to admire him!

Got to admire all of them – fearless and driven.

Perfect control!


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