On reading Daphne Du Maurier

Since taking up the Postaday2011 challenge in January, my every waking moment has been consumed by thoughts of the next blog. I’m beginning to wonder whether this is a good thing or not … the pile of ironing is huge, weeds are running rampant in the garden, and the tasks I’d set myself over the summer are incomplete.

The challenge has certainly made me hungry for words.

On a recent podcast from Desert Island Discs, Betty Driver was interviewed. Betty has been playing the character of Bette in Coronation St since it began and is now in her nineties. I loved the interview – she was warm, honest , self-deprecating and funny. When asked about her favorite book of all time, she chose Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca. She said that she has never tired of it and that she re-reads it every year. She adores it.

So I thought to myself … oh, I’ve only read it once. Maybe I should read it again. It would certainly solve the problem of what to read. I haven’t picked up anything ‘unputdownable’ recently, nothing that’s had me sneaking off to our turret to bury myself in words, transport me away to another world.

My mother bought the whole collection of Daph’s books – Rebecca was easy to find.

And I’m loving it – loving every moment of the unfolding story with its wonderful descriptive passages, its fine crafting of each character, its twists and turns, and the period it’s set in.

Language these days has become so spare, so pared down. Not so with the writing of Daphne Du Maurier.

I’m luxuriating in a sea of beautifully chosen words.

Thank you Betty Driver …


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