Curiosity – defined in pictures

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

The photo challenge for this week has been to capture ‘curiosity’.

First definition in the Concise Oxford is:

“a strong desire to know or learn something”

Don’t you think these little garden creatures sitting in the garden of the Gateway Motel in Dannevirke (New Zealand) look curious? They also look a bit fearful – that’s what knowledge does to you.

The second definition is:

“Unusual or interesting object or fact”

Look what I found!

Queen Bee without the crown

At the Mission Concert in Hawkes Bay last night, I stumbled across a bumblebee – or three. Sting was performing with the NZSO (New Zealand Symphony Orchestra). I do realise the connection between him and our black and yellow barbed friends, but I consider the donning of costume to emphasise the link is a bit strange.

Unusual – well, yes. Interesting – of course?

Us Sevens-hardened fans are accustomed to outrageous outfits in public.

But what do international visitors think? Curiosities perhaps …



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