Every day is a learning opportunity

A blank sheet with every tide

Scott Berkun (WordPress.com) suggested that today we share something we’ve learned recently.

Mmmm – what have I learned recently? One thing … only one thing … a tough question.

I’m on the up side of the learning curve every single day. I’ll never stop learning. Whether it’s how to do something that I didn’t know before, something about myself that I didn’t know before, how to deal with a situation I’ve never encountered before, or simply learning new and interesting information.

For instance when I was out walking shortly after dawn this morning, I listened to an interview with Howard Jacobsen – winner of the 2010 Man Booker Prize with The Finkler Question. I read the book some months ago, but had given no thought to the author.

Now I know a little more about him and am keen to seek out his other books.

I learned something!

I played golf yesterday and while out on the course it started raining. If it had been raining earlier when we were making the decision, I would have been quite negative,  preferring to play in fine weather. But I learned something about myself yesterday – I enjoyed playing in the rain. It wasn’t heavy rain – more like a steady summer shower. It didn’t matter, I didn’t care because I was having a good time.

And last night when on the news we heard about the man who’d given his dog mouth to mouth (see yesterday’s post). My immediate reaction – thinking about the nasty habit dogs have of sniffing and licking other dogs territory markers and deposits (read ‘shit’) – was YUK, no way, that’s disgusting! But, if it had been my gorgeous fluffy mate, maybe I would have.

I learned that love has no boundaries.

I’ve learned a lot from blogging. I’ve learned that there are thousands of us bloggers out there. Thousands of us who enjoy writing, enjoy putting our thoughts into words – sharing our thoughts.

For the past few weeks, while looking for a new job, I’ve been trying to identify that activity that I would most love to spend my working hours doing. I’ve stumbled upon it – it’s writing!

I’ve learned that I love writing.

Having committed myself to the daily blogging challenge, my thoughts for the day have become centered on what I’ll write about. That’s helped me focus better on the skills I want to use in my next job.

Every day should be seized enthusiastically as an opportunity to learn.


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