Masterchef NZ – sacrifice for the dream

Presentation and flavour - exquisite!

I love Masterchef. I love the food, the competition, the creativity, the challenge and I admire the contestants.

I was watching the first episode on New Zealand’s 2011 Masterchef tonight – the elimination round where 25 contestants were selected from a field of about a thousand.

One of the entrants was a young man who’d cooked a vegetarian dish for the judges. He confessed to being vegetarian, saying that he didn’t have a problem cooking meat, but wouldn’t eat it. One of the judges described his dish as being a bit oily, but they looked impressed.

They asked him how far he would go in order to be selected. What would he be prepared to eat. The young man replied that if a sausage was put in front of him he’d eat it. Judge Chef Simon Gault left the room and returned a few minutes later with a plate – on top of which was a lump of  cooked brains.

I felt for the contestant. There’s no way I’d eat it – and I’m not even vegetarian. It looked disgusting! But the brave young man sliced a bit off the portion and popped it in his mouth. I thought he’d be sick … I could feel him gagging. He swallowed it and was then asked what it tasted like. He didn’t look too happy and said that it tasted like fat.

He was in, accepted as one of the successful 25 … he made the ultimate sacrifice for his dream. He ate meat – and to make matters worse, offal!

I’m not a fan of the game shows, Fear Factor for example,  where contestants have to eat grubs, worms, beetles and other live creatures for the sake of the spectacle. I could never never never do it. Likewise I would never lower myself into a tank filled with anything other that crystal clear water. No way …

I wonder what sacrifice I would be prepared to make for my dream?


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