Another quake rocks Christchurch

Wellingtonians stop to listen as news of the horrifying earthquake breaks

Just before 1.00 pm this afternoon (New Zealand time) Christchurch was hit buy another earthquake – 6.3 magnitude at a depth of 5 kms with epicentre estimated to be 10 kms south of the city.

The first earthquake of 7.4 rocked Christchurch and surrounding areas at 4.30am on 4 September 2010 causing significant damage. The whole region since then has been subjected to crippling aftershocks with people living in fear of the next big one.

Reports from today’s event suggest multiple fatalities and injuries, they talk of massive amounts of damage to the city and its infrastructure. The spire of Christchurch’s magnificent Cathedral has fallen, as have several buildings. An unknown number of people are trapped inside buildings, rubble and debris have flattened two crowded buses and countless cars, roads are buckled, water mains have burst, power and telephone have been disrupted, and liquefaction is running through the streets. Christchurch Hospital is being evacuated and civil defense emergency centres are filling fast.

People are terrified as the aftershocks keep coming.

The city is in shock. The whole of New Zealand is in shock.


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