Baking for Christchurch – from the heart

Fresh out of the oven

In the minutes, hours and days since the earthquake struck Christchurch last Tuesday we have all felt powerless. The desire to help in some way, in any way,  is huge.

Facebook has come into its own in spreading messages and love far more effectively than any other medium.

Last week, the call came out via Facebook to ‘bake-off for Christchurch’. A page was created for the event and details were updated as necessary. Bake on Sunday, pack into ice-cream container and drop-off on Monday from 7.00am – 9.ooam at any one of three designated points.

At last an opportunity to do something from the heart.

So I baked and baked and baked – one slice – lots of it!

This morning I dropped off my container. As I walked down the street, busy with people making their way to work, I was struck by the number of people carrying containers. Smiling faces … a sense of purpose, at last being able to do something, being able to contribute.

An athletic looking young girl walking alongside her racing bike bike strode past me and asked if I was going to the bake-off. Her accent was european – possibly dutch. I watched as she went up to the table, opened her backpack and unpacked her baking. Her smile was huge.

A steady stream of people (including young children) made their way to the table. Two young girls, one with a tulle skirt were carrying parcels wrapped in decorative paper and ribbon – cards were attached. As they put them on the table a photographer spotted them – we’ll see them in tomorrow’s Dominion Post.

Smiles all around as gifts are given

On another table people were invited to queue up and write messages for the people of Christchurch on a huge calico banner.

We love you Christchurch

I turned on the radio when I arrived home. Over 7,000 containers of baking had been received …  love and care shown though one simple act.


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