Plonk time again

Full of memories ... and ... plums

I’ve blogged about this before – my Aunty Paula’s famous plonk cake.

Aunty Paula died about 23 years ago and I often think of her – especially when I trot our her legendary plonk cake.

Aunty Paula was from Germany. She was no more than five feet tall – which was good because my uncle was about the same height – immaculately groomed (as Europeans are), fabulous sense of humor, white hair (for a time it was purple), warm and generous. She worked until she was 75 when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and became too ill to continue.

Plonk cake has given me a lifetime of pleasure.

Firstly whenever she made one for us … and from then on whenever I’ve made one. My kids love it as well, as do all my friends. It’s one of those unforgettable recipes where the essential ingredient is love – it’s made from the heart.

Tonight my brother is coming for dinner. That’s special – family are special.

And better than that – omega plums are in season. My favorite … sweet and a little tart with beautiful deep red flesh.

So I’ve made a plum plonk to have with a big dollop of cream (or yoghurt). While it was in the oven cooking, and even now several hours later, the delicious smell pervaded the house and still lingers. I know that my brother feels the same about plonk cake as I do – it’s part of our past. It’s soul food.

Do you think memories enhance taste?


2 thoughts on “Plonk time again

  1. sue alexander

    I have had my first ever piece of “plonk cake” made by Jacquetta for the staff of Studio Alexander where she has been working with us for the past 4 months. The cake is nothing short of absolutely delicious and especially for me who loves omega plums and family recipes and the history and memories that go with them eg our Xmas pud every year that has one cup of everything in it and is still boiled in the cloth for 6 hours!!! made a few weeks before xmas and hung in a cool place till Xmas day. When I see it hanging its reminds me of my Nana and the spot the pud hung in at her house. So I really understand the preciousness of Plonk cake. Thank you Jacquetta for choosing such a special cake to share with us. Sue

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