Fresh from the sea

Ready and waiting!

Nothing compares to the taste of freshly caught seafood – in this instance scallops.

I buy scallops very occasionally from our local fishmonger – they’re sold as ‘thawed’. And they’re good – we enjoy them. Plump and flavoursome.

This week I spent a few days on the Coromandel Peninsula (New Zealand) staying in Flaxhill Bay. The last time I visited the Coromandel was over thirty years ago. I had forgotten how beautiful it is, how white the sand, how warm and bountiful the deep turquoise waters. The cliffs surrounding the bays – which include the famous Cathedral Cove – are high and white, topped with lush deep green foliage. Pohutukawa trees and toi tois  stand proud against the azure sky.

Quintessential New Zealand.

I was in my element – at peace with the world.

To add to my blissful state,  four lovely young men arrived back from a day’s fishing and shared their catch with us – scallops and snapper. As you can see from the photo the scallops were still breathing when they arrived on shore. They were duly shucked, lightly seasoned, and tossed for a brief searing on the barbecue. The same with the snapper – dusted in flour, lime and chilli seasoning, salt and pepper – then quickly into the pan.

Heaven – nothing ever tasted so good. I relished every single morsel … all but licking my lips in sheer delight.

I suspect the taste would have been even better if I’d have caught them myself.

However, so much of the pleasure is in the sharing – I saw it on the faces and heard it in the voices of our men!


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