How do you recover lost trust?

Erosion happens ...

Trust … easy to get, hard to get back.

I’m a trusting person. In fact I was filling out an ‘About You’ document for a recruitment company yesterday and one of the questions, which I had great difficulty answering, was “What are your limitations when working with others?”

When I finally answered it my response was about putting so much trust in people that I have difficulty dealing with situations in which the trust is broken.

I really don’t know how you recover lost trust, but I do know that if you decide it’s worth recovering, the road is long and hard. I’ve seen it with close friends, I’ve experienced it myself. I’m not good at it. I find it incredibly hard to forget … forgive maybe, forget no.

I know the theory – put it all behind you, forget it ever happened and start with a clean slate. Trust that the other person is doing the same. Trust that you won’t make the same mistake again.

A big hurdle is the niggling voice in your head, the one that reminds you of past infractions and spreads doubt. The one that just won’t stop day and night. It interrupts your sleep and consumes waking hours.

Other people don’t help either – the ones who don’t want you to let it go, the ones who don’t want to see you go through the hurt again, and then the ones who are just born trouble-makers!

Just like this cliff, when trust is breached erosion begins. Too much erosion without strengthening the foundation and the tree topples.


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