What do we remember most about a person?

A happiness flower

I was at a funeral yesterday. I’ve been to a few recently – loved ones leaving us far too soon.

Funerals for me, perhaps for most of us, are a time to reflect on the person we’re farewelling as well as those who went before. When asked by the minister ” What do remember most about Barbara?” I turned the question on myself – what do I remember most about my father. It wasn’t hard – the smile which lit up his face and made his eyes twinkle. Laughter was never far behind.

The same for my mother …

The same for my brother …

Probably the minister’s answer as well. It was.

Why is the smile the most powerful memory?

A baby’s first smile is precious. We wait for it … is he smiling yet? The smile – mirroring the ones we give – acknowledges our relationship and tells us that the baby recognises and likes us. In it begins a lifetime of smiles.

Smiles – easy to give, wonderful to receive; cost nothing, worth a fortune – remembered forever.


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