Old and beautiful

Age and beauty go together

I really have no idea how old this piece of driftwood is or whether it can even be classified as old.

What is old?

How do we determine what is old and what is not.

“Darling that’s a lovely dress. Is it new?”

“Oh,” we reply ” this old thing, no I bought it ages ago!” (This is a classic cover-up.)

Ages could be last week, last month, last year, the year before last….age is in the mind of the beholder.

Some might consider me old. I’m not – so there!!! A prospective employer might put me in the ‘too old’ basket when compared to the available younger workforce but the truth is I still feel young (most days), just as these two women from New York no doubt did when I photographed them in 2007.

Aging with attitude

If asked, a seven-year old would say they’re old, as would a twenty-year old, a thirty-year old … but ask them or someone older than them, and I bet you’re not going to get the same answer.

I mean, just look at the ensemble of the woman on the your right – glam hat, Jacqui-O glasses, dangly silver earrings, sheer camisole (or is is a bra!), jacket with big blousy flower, shirt with lace peeking out underneath, hot pink nails and matching handbag, and  a good swipe of blusher.

Now that’s attitude – no track pants and zimmer frames for these two! Who cares if the years have mounted up – the spirit is still there.

“You are never too old to become younger” (Mae West)

‘Old’ is just a sliding scale of relativity.


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