My rare and unknown talent

I've kept these for many many years ...

When I was young – about seven I think – my parents, who were not well off, made the decision to send me off to piano lessons. It had been a choice between that and ballet.

How I would have loved to have done ballet! I’ve always loved to dance – at any opportunity.

As a twenty-one year old, I took up adult ballet classes with a Russian ballet mistress by the name of Galina Wassillieva. How I loved them – they were the highlight of my week. I loved the discipline, the music and the freedom of movement. Galina said that my parents made the wrong decision for I had (and still have to a lesser extent) suppleness and flexibility.

Sadly, I had to give up my lessons at twenty-three because I needed a foot operation. Nothing to do with ballet – it was a problem I’d had since very young. I was unable to continue with my lessons … but I still have my pointe shoes and every now and again I put them on and stand on my toes. Pirouettes are not what they used to be.

My rare and hidden talent, one which nobody knows about, is that I dance in my dreams.

I dance and I fly – beautifully of course! I so wish I could do this in real life …


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