Fungi wonderland

Responsible for wayward dreams

Did I read somewhere that the story for Alice in Wonderland was conceived in a drug induced dream? Or is thus just warped imagination.

The other day, while navigating gorse bushes and fencing to look at the sunset over Kapiti Island, I came across a number of tree stumps with parasites – golden fungi outcrops.

Of course I photographed them from every angle, captivated by the layering of shapes and textures.

While there a couple of young boys appeared. They’d seen me clambering over the fences and decided to see what I was up to. Then they realized I wasn’t doing anything mildly exciting – like having a pee – the fungi caught their attention. Instead of just standing back and admiring, they took to the golden growths with sticks – whacking them and scattering the harmless bits of gold everywhere. I wasn’t impressed but said nothing …

Barbecued food was being served shortly after so I commented to my host that it might be a good idea if the wee lads washed their hands – never know, those mushrooms could be poisonous. Trish turned to a green thumb beside us and asked me to describe the fungi … clinging to old stumps, big, clumped in layers, very golden …

Oh those, he said, they’re golden tops. Hallucinogenic.

Alice in Wonderland was set in a garden. I wonder …


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