If I could be invisible for a day

A chance to snap the truly candid shots

In response to WordPress Postaday challenge # 101 “If I could go invisible for a day, what would I do?”

My answer is simple, I’d take my camera (invisible also) and walk the streets of Wellington taking photographs of people. People walking, talking, drinking coffee, cycling – just being. And I’d be right up their noses getting as close as I could to get the best possible angles. They would not hear my step or feel my breath. Magic!

The more interesting streets of the city, areas populated by students and non-corporate people, would be my first destination.

Then if I had time I’d go a park, the Botanical Gardens or Oriental Bay and snap some more – trying to capture relationships between people and nature. The fun I could have … it would be brilliant. I wouldn’t have to ask permission, wouldn’t have to worry about what I wore, wouldn’t have to establish any kind of rapport – I’d just go for it.

And my subjects would be blissfully unaware.

Last year I undertook a photography project inspired by the work of Scott Schumman on The Sartorialist website. I went out almost daily for several weeks and photographed people in the streets – street photography, street fashion. I absolutely loved the experience and as time went on, I became more confident in approaching people to gain permission. The problem was, as soon as they knew they were being photographed it appeared more staged. Most (not all) adopted a pose with face and body.

So out of the hundreds of photos I took, few really captured the essence. That’s why I love the photo above – no-one was aware of me. And if they were they were much too busy trying to dig holes in the sand (fruitlessly) to worry about me.

I’d love to be invisible for day just so that I could capture special moments in time, images of people in all sorts of situations and return home with hundreds of stunning shots.


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