Procrastinating in the face of danger

Emergency supplies languishing in the shed

News of another severe aftershock in Christchurch came across the airwaves on Saturday evening.

My heart sank as I thought of all our lovely family and friends living in Christchurch. And for all of those people who’ve been living in dire circumstances since the Feb 22 quake.

A wave of guilt swept over me. Wellington has long been identified as the region most likely to experience a major quake because of its location along a major fault line. We live in Wellington.

After the Feb 22 quake, I went out and started getting my emergency kit together. I know the drill. I know what it should contain. I know that – one day – we will need it.  So I went out and purchased two large 20L plastic water containers. They sat empty in the dining room for two weeks. I moved them. They sat empty in the family room for another three weeks. Then I moved them, still empty, to the shed. That is where they remain.

I know they should be filled with water, otherwise why have them?

I have only made a mere scratch to the list of emergency supplies (incl. battery powered radio, torch, butane gas cylinder, small portable cooker, food). I blame optimism for my guilt-ridden procrastination.

If my children were still young and living at home I’m sure I’d be more diligent.

We had a discussion about where we should store our supplies.

My vote was for downstairs where the back wall is concrete block. I was informed that the wall would collapse. Just look at Christchurch – think liquefaction …

I was out-voted in favour of the outdoor shed which just happens to be full of builder’s equipment and barbecues at the moment. It’s wooden and it’s very old … maybe there is a better chance of it withstanding a violent shake.

After Easter – I’ll procrastinate for another few days – I’m determined to complete our emergency supply kit. I’m going to fill those canisters with water and I’m going to find another good storage spot. Even you can see they’re useless where they are … I couldn’t even get into the shed to photograph them!

Now that I’ve committed my intentions to ‘paper’ (think cyberspace) I’m going to have to see them through … down with procrastination!


2 thoughts on “Procrastinating in the face of danger

  1. rethreads

    I’m just about to write a blog post about my civil emergency kit – getting tweaked after Chch earthquake. I was soooo thankful to be a disaster nut – but neglected to add important items like whiskey and sleeping pills – now stashed for the next one.

    1. Rossi Post author

      Thanks for the advice – when I finally get my kit together I’ll make sure to add your recommended essentials. All the best for the future …


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