Living with diabetes: coffee with the workmen

Cheese scones loosen tongues ...

I don’t know many people with diabetes – I’m not one for joining support groups and the like. Not yet anyway.

So it was a huge surprise this when giving our four workmen their morning coffee to be asked who if I was diabetic. It tunes out that two of them have Type I and the third has a wife who is diabetic.

I immediately offered Olivio instead of butter for the yummy cheese scones! Laughter … none of us fit the profile … none were willing to deny ourselves butter …

We got to talking about how and when we were diagnosed.

Geoff had been on a real bender for his 30th birthday  – far far too much partying – and woke next morning with what he thought was a hangover. It persisted. His pounding headache refused to abate, likewise his intense thirst and frequency of toilet stops. His wife, being a nurse saw the signs and took him off to the doctor. He was diagnosed within minutes.

Brent, our youngest workman was diagnosed at 10 years of age after complaining of the same symptoms.

The glazier’s wife had a similar experience to me with gestational diabetes being the forerunner. I kept my final symptoms to myself … no way was I going to divulge in a room full of men.

The conversation for that half hour was focused on diabetes, how we and our families live with it.

A real eye opener for the odd-one-out – whose partner has celiacs disease. They have different issues to deal with. Not your usual morning coffee discussion – particularly with tradies!


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