Getting ready for ANZAC Day in Australia

ItsANZAC Memorial, Perth

ANZAC Day is a big day in both New Zealand and Australia. It is the day we have set aside to remember the servicemen who fought and fell for us at Gallipoli. Comemorated as a public holiday, it is marked annually on April 25th with services throughout both countries and now recognises all returned servicemen.

It’s now only the 23rd of April and we’re in Sydney seeing family.

In the past few days, ANZAC day has been mentioned regularly on the news. Each SUPER rugby game has been preceded by the soleful bugle anthem we associate with ANZAC Day, and with the words “They will not grow old as we that are left grow old, age shall not weary them …we will remember them.”

On the TV news interviewers have been spending time with returned servicemen, listening to their stories and offering genuine thanks for their efforts so long ago. The stories are heart rending. These courageous men were the same age my sons are now and some even younger. It is such a chilling thought.

I can’t help but think of the many mothers and fathers who lost their sons, the young mothers who lost their husbands and children who lost their fathers.

They gave their lives so that we might live. It was such an amazing thing to do and is a debt we can never repay except by protecting all those who follow us.


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